Turn Smartphone into Satellite Phone


Inmarsat i-Savi

Introducing a revolutionary way to stay connected by turning your smartphone into a satellite phone!

A new product and service from Inmarsat that will enable your smart phone or tablet to work seamlessly, almost anywhere worldwide, completely independent of cellular or fixed networks, and with high speed data capabilities.

The service is accessed from your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch or Android[TM] device through the control app. This provides set-up assistance and gives you full control over access to the service as well as visibility of data usage from each device sharing the connection. The voice app enables you to use your smart device to send and receive voice calls via the high-quality voice line, as well sending text messages, even if your device is for WiFi use only.


  • Operates over the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite and ground network, which operates globally, except for the North and South Polar Regions, at an average availability of 99.9 per cent.
  • The service is accessed via a control and voice app downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet.
  • These apps connect to the I-4 network via a satellite terminal that has been type approved to work over Inmarsat’s network.
  • The Wideye iSavi terminal developed by AddValue, is the first terminal to access this service.
  • Wideye iSavi is lightweight, highly portable and is quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise or training needed, enabling you to establish an online connection within minutes.
  • The terminal has a 30 metre WiFi range and multiple devices can share the same connection.
  • Power consumption is low and the battery can be recharged by mains or by solar power.

Now available for BGAN
The Wideye iSavi terminal from AddValue Technologies is now available for use with BGAN  pre-pay plans.

The terminal will support full access to data speeds of up to 384kbps for background IP data, making the terminal a perfect solution for remote access to corporate networks, email, and general broadband connectivity.

The Control App 


  • Signal strength indicator with pointing assistance
  • Network registration
  • Manage costs and each connected device with service access controls and usage counters
  • Battery / AC status indicator
  • Firewall pre-set selections
    • Configured from Web MMI
  • Two security levels
    • MAC address filtering
    • Wi-Fi password control
  • Terminal temperature warning
  • Personal assistance button
  • User help


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